46 Hutt Street, Hull, before renovation

Investment Property For Sale

Situated close to Hull city centre, this property is a unique and exciting investment/development opportunity. Unlock this building’s potential and make your mark in Hull’s property market!


So…You’re thinking about earning an income from investing in Property?

Let us take out the guesswork and help you find a quality investment property that suits YOUR requirements.

Our 6 steps to investment success

Our Sourcing & Advice Package

If you are considering investing in property then we can give you full guidance with laws and regulations, business strategies and what type of property investment that's right for you. We can also provide assistance with finance, building conversion and even a full management package that maintains and lets the property for you.


BEFORE60 Lambert Street before renovation
AFTER60 Lambert Street after renovation

Before and After...

This is an example of how we can work with landlords by buying properties with potential and build them into high earning investments, using our knowledge and experience and with teams of quality workmen of all trades.

Before After
Value £145,000 £250,000
Gross rents £8,700 £30,492
Expenses £1,600 £3,780
Net rents £4,920 £26,712
Net Yields 3.4% 10.68%


Average 50% return in 5 years

When we work as a team with our clients, and avoid many of the obvious pitfalls, on average, we see a 50% return in as little as five years.

We Manage the Property

We offer no hassle, piece of mind property management, taking care of all maintenance, tenant requirements, paper work and rent collection.

Thoroughly Safety Checked

We conduct gas, electrical, fire, health and safety tests throughout the building, meeting all standards expected with renting your property in Hull.

Hull Investment Property Specialists

Hull Investment Properties have over 80 properties available in prime locations across Hull.

Are you considering buying a property as an investment?

Hull is currently one of the UK’s leading cities for low cost house prices and looking forwards to a bright future. While housing costs have increased dramatically across the UK, Hull’s many town houses and city dwellings still remain very affordable, prompting investors from across the UK to capitalise on Hull’s upcoming housing market. Hull’s house prices are starting to gain momentum meaning accommodation is becoming very sought after both to purchase and to rent.

Considerable investment is planned for Hull’s cultural and tourism sectors, recently winning 2017 UK City of Culture award as well as investment into large scale projects in renewables and windfarm technologies in the Humber.  Hull also has numerous universities and colleges as well as burgeoning industrial and agricultural sectors attracting new residents both to work and study from across the UK and Europe all in need of accommodation.