We have spent 40 years buying and selling properties in Hull. Now we can help get the right investment for you by:

Expert Guidance

1Expert Guidance

We understand the current property market - where to buy in Hull and what to buy. We can give you full guidance with laws and regulations (local and National), pros and cons of HMOs, commercials, flats, houses, types of tenancies and what areas work and which ones to avoid. We can also advise on the advantages of various business strategies.

Expert Guidance

2Our Sourcing Package

40 years of local knowledge means we can source properties that meet investor requirements, finding the right house in the right location at the right price. In most cases properties where both value and rents can be increased substantially.

Expert Guidance

3Help With Finance

We can supply Brokers that can match the right lender for your specific type of property. This helps to save on wasting time and money and ensures you get the right deal.

Expert Guidance

4Help With Legals

We can recommend lawyers with local knowledge at local rates to provide all legal services required. Advise on legislation, Health and Safety issues and landlord requirements (to avoid £30,000 fines by the council, ignorance is not a defence).

Expert Guidance

5Supply Tradesmen

We can assist with renovations to add extra value to your income, we can project manage works and ensure they are completed to the required standard.

From qualified builders to washer repairs, skilled carpet fitters to wifi installers, we can supply a complete list of tradesmen. We are on the spot and are happy to help.

Expert Guidance

6The Full Management

A hands on specialist service with regular inspections, advice and reports that ensures the property is at all times complient with legislation including regular electrical and gas checks.

We will ensure your property continues to fulfil its maximum potential throughout your ownership by finding and vetting tenants.

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