Our Property Management Service: The Aegian Bar and Grill on Newland Avenue, Hull

“Welcome to Aegean Taverna where we hope you will have a great time and enjoy good traditional Greek cooking. A Taverna is an integral part of Greek culture. Usually a small Greek Restaurant by tradition, similar to a Tavern where Greeks of all walks of life can go with their families, children or friends and enjoy a good home cooked hearty meal.”

Well the last year or so certainly have not been easy on the hospitality sector – this new restaurant should have been open in early 2020 but instead everything went on hold early Summer!

Our new tenant, Simon, started to rent the property from us in January 2020- the timing could not have been worse for him or ourselves. However, as our communities slowly started to unwrap from this terrible pandemic, work resumed on refurbishing this property on the corner of Newland Avenue in Hull. As we are a property management team in Hull, we were able to help Simon during this challenging time to overcome the obstacles of that would otherwise have been thrown up by dealing with multiple contractors and furloughed companies.

Pools Corner

The new Aegean Taverna occupies the building of the once locally famous Pools Corner which was, in it’s heyday a very popular second hand shop. This veritable emporium sold everything from audio equipment to bicycles, lawn mowers to video consoles and reached local legendary status along side the likes of The Adelphi music venue, Sunday lunchtimes at the Piper Club and going to the Tower (for an hour). Prior to Pools Corner the building was occupied by an equally legendary local icon named Les Turner’s that sold supermarket goods as well as seasonal items like Christmas decorations well before Halloween (he was ahead of his time…).

Commuting pushing up rental returns on property investment

Rental returns are growing at the fastest rate in the UK at around 12.6%.

A sample of average residential property yields showed that in Reading yields now return at 5.48%, up from 4.86% last year, and in the seaside town of Brighton most yields are now presented at 6.17% up from 5.68%.

The average property in Reading is currently slated at £207,934 and in Brighton house prices currently stand at £242,535. Average monthly rents come in at £950 for Reading and £1,248 for Brighton.

Head of mortgages at HSBC Peter Dockar said:

“Landlords are reaping the benefit as young professionals say goodbye to capital city living in favour of more affordable commuter towns. Despite the inevitable increase in commuter costs associated with moving further out, many still feel the move is worthwhile in order to save towards property deposits.”

At Hull Investment Properties we are guaranteeing a 15% return!

Figures are based on recent research by HSBC and from this article in Property Investment News:


Buying to let is becoming the new nest egg for many UK residents

It has been reported recently that the total value of property owned by the UK’s property investors is approaching the value of the entire UK’s pension savings.

At £1.25 trillion – £1,250billion – the value of the homes, flats and houses owned by the growing number of great Britain’s landlords is approaching £1.6 trillion total amassed in workers’ pension schemes.

Traditional pension saving schemes are proving complex and unpopular recently with many finding that their pension pots simply haven’t delivered, and many are now turning to buying-to-let schemes spurred on by cheap mortgages making renting property a reality.

Help to buy schemes and other Government’s pension changes, are enabling savers to spend their pensions and savings freely and are expected to add to the boom.

While the trend is causing concern among some Government policymakers surrounding the current overheating of the housing market in the south of England and London, landlords in Hull and Humberside who plan strategically can benefit from a still relatively calm housing market.

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