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Hull’s Young People are Part of the UK’s Digital Future

Kifisiá Digital technology and mechatronics are changing the world every single day, whether that be how big businesses operate, the way individuals work, or even the way in which we spend our leisure time. That’s why educational centres like the brand new Ron Dearing University Technical College are so vital to our economy and our young people. Ron Dearing UTC will open its new building in Hull city centre in September 2017, providing students with amazing opportunities and bespoke ways to learn. It will make the city a hub of technical and vocational education, as well as a source for specially trained staff that digital companies and engineering employers are currently crying out for.

Lahnstein Lord Ron Dearing, the inspiring man the UTC is named after, was a Hull-born senior civil servant whose higher education report in 1997 changed the way the UK approaches vocational education. The UTC model was developed by Dearing and former Education Secretary Lord Baker and is much celebrated today, with many cities adopting the strategy. Dearing’s legacy will live on through this fantastic Hull building, opening during the city’s year in the national and international spotlight. The state-of-the-art college will be fortified with the most advanced technology and resources. Offering 150 students in the first year of its opening a chance to carry out innovative work alongside their usual academic studies, the four-storey structure will become a beacon of knowledge. A research centre will be found on the bottom floor, where traditional subjects such as English, maths and science are explored. Additionally, a contemporary project planning and design space is to be installed, allowing pupils to turn intriguing theories into practical solutions. The UTC trains its students to become experts in their fields, and so industry-standard workshops will also be fitted on one of the levels. This is where the exciting products that the young people have crafted will come to life and be manufactured. Meanwhile, the conference and exhibition centre located nearby will allow students to show off creations and practice their presentation and briefing skills, proving that Ron Dearing UTC really is all about ‘learning through doing’. On top of this, a sheltered testing and demonstration area will see the likes of model robots, drones and other tech, whilst an outdoor area hosts larger projects.

Minyat an Naşr Up to 600 students aged 14-19 will soon enrol at the UTC, adding to the 30,000 already following this unique technical curriculum. Pupils will of course still complete their much-needed GCSEs and A-levels, with the added bonus of hands-on experience in the digital and engineering world. This is sure to set them miles apart from their peers when applying for jobs and higher education.

UTCs are encouraged to focus on specialisms and Hull is no exception. Choosing two areas that are highly sought after amongst employers, the college opted for Mechatronics and Digital Technology. Mechatronics is an exciting option for the area’s young people; a multi-disciplinary form of engineering that covers systems, mechanical and electrical engineering, telecommunications and computer science. Examples of this sort of work include robotics, F1 cars, drones and wind turbines. Digital technology, on the other hand, plays a vital role in our everyday world, rapidly changing as we evolve the way we live.

With experts predicting a 15% increase in this field of employment, there are plenty of jobs to be filled. We’re proud that Hull will play a pivotal role in this process, making it a logical and attractive city for relocation and property investment. Get in touch on 01482 342155 or email to invest in Hull property today.

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