1 The Poplars, Hinderwell Street, Hull, HU5 3QW

The property benefits from double glazing, central heating, off street parking and is conveniently located with good transport links to the Hull City Centre.

Old Kitchen Old Kitchen
New Kitchen New Kitchen
Old Room 1 Old Room 1
New Room 1 New Room 1
Old Room 2 Old Room 2
New Room 2 New Room 2
Old Room 3 Old Room 3
New Room 3 New Room 3
Old Room 4 Old Room 4
New Room 4 New Room 4
Old Room 5 Old Room 5
New Room 5 New Room 5

This property had full electrical rewire all walls taken back to brick and replastered. The two downstairs rooms were knocked through to make one feature room like a bedsit but still sharing a kitchen. The kitchen was designed and installed to provide high quality finish with sufficient cupboard space for each tenant -The property has a licence with Hull City Council so is fully compliant with all regualations. here we went with fewer rooms but of a much higher quality -The rooms were all let within days of the project being finished and the double room went first at £150 per week.

Before After
Value £135000 £225000
Gross rents £16900 £29380
Cost of works: £42500

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