114 Park Grove, Hull, HU5 2US

buy Lyrica 150 mg Officially licenced with Hull City Council as a HMO – 3 storey. Meaning this property has all the necessary safety and amenity criteria and is one of the few properties in Hull that meet this stringent criteria, making it highly sought after.

Old Hall Old Hall
New Hall New Hall
Old Kitchen Old Kitchen
New Kitchen New Kitchen
Old Bedroom 1 Old Bedroom 1
New Bedroom 1 New Bedroom 1
Old Bedroom 2 Old Bedroom 2
New Bedroom 2 New Bedroom 2
Old Bedroom 3 Old Bedroom 3
New Bedroom 3 New Bedroom 3
Old Bedroom 4 Old Bedroom 4
New Bedroom 4 New Bedroom 4
Old Bedroom 5 Old Bedroom 5
New Bedroom 5 New Bedroom 5

http://psyla.fr/485-dtf71575-rencontre-serieuse-guadeloupe.html One of our latest and most exciting refurbishments – converting a very tired property into a very high quality HMO.

http://prevoyance.ne.ch/536-dtgf18250-site-rencontre-gay-cam.html This property now has it all – a double feature room downstairs (let at £140 per week) a high vaulted ceiling in the rear room, and very good double rooms around the rest of the house. All rooms are fitted with bespoke dressers and wardrobes and TVs in each room and in the kitchen – we aim to set each room up as a Hotel style room -but with a more homely feel. New electrics and ensuites in each room add to the quality throughout. Small touches like new skirting and silver sockets and light switches add to the quality along with a USB port in every bedroom. we buy high qualty new beds with a top matress and the showers provide a high pressure shower. Unlimited broadband is standard in all of our homes -No stone is left unturned we see this quality of house as the future of multi letting.

Before After
Value £135000 £250000
Gross rents £15600 £30940
Cost of works: £38500
Klin SALE PROFIT: £76500

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