77 Goddard Avenue, Hull

26b47bb950978497ca8e1b595bb8ea51 This property was vastly improved throughout. An extension was added to the rear to make a larger kitchen and the Bathroom benefits from newly skimmed walls which are easy to maintain as well as the new kitchen and a full electrical rewire. Quality carpets with good underlay add to the homely feel – we aim to make our houses as comfortable as possible for each tenant then provide a high quality support system for queries and maintenance.

Old Kitchen Old Kitchen
New Kitchen New Kitchen
Old Lounge Old Lounge
New Lounge New Lounge
Old Room 1 Old Room 1
New Room 1 New Room 1
Old Room 2 Old Room 2
New Room 2 New Room 2
Old Room 3 Old Room 3
New Room 3 New Room 3
Old Room 4 Old Room 4
New Room 4 New Room 4
Before After
Value £85000 £120000
Gross rents £5400 £14600
Cost of works: £22100
buy stromectol uk SALE PROFIT: £12900

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