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What the Public Realm Works in Hull Mean for Property Investors

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buy Ivermectin ivermectin Over the past year, £26 million has been invested in Hull City Centre. Whilst there are still a couple of finishing touches left to complete, the majority of the work has now been carried out, revealing a truly beautiful and modernised Hull.

Thanks to Hull UK City of Culture 2017, the renovations have enhanced the character, heritage and essence of the city. It is hoped that this extensive makeover will lead to a better first impression of Hull, as well as generate new business, increase the number of jobs available, and attract more people to live in the city.


Paragon Square welcomes visitors with open arms

The brand new Paragon Square sits just outside of the train station and greets you as you enter the city by rail. You will then stumble upon Jameson Street, an important shopping area in the city.

The street has been refurbished to allow for wider pedestrian access and more places to sit, plus they’ve planted new trees to add some greenery to the area. It’s a great spot for outdoors eating and high street shopping.


Queen Victoria Square is the heart of the city

The large square is flanked by beautiful historic buildings, primarily Hull City Hall, the Maritime Museum and the Ferens Art Gallery. This has made it a key gathering spot for many of the City of Culture festivities, including Made in Hull and LGBT50.

Queen Victoria has retained her seat atop the famous public loos, but a new water feature has been added nearby for both adults and children to frolic in during hot summer days.

It is also a stunning place to graduate, which could be a deciding factor for prospective students considering applying to the University of Hull.


Whitefriargate is the entrance to Hull’s Old Town

This popular shopping thoroughfare also received a facelift. New paving stones have been laid to expand and improve the pedestrian area, along with extra wall lanterns and seating for added access.

Already home to a number of independent and high street stores, the street will also become a venue for small markets and cultural events. Meanwhile, Zebedee’s Yard, which often hosts events, is connected to Whitefriargate by two alleyways.


Trinity Square reflects on Hull’s religious heritage

Holy Trinity Church has just been awarded the new title of Hull Minster. To celebrate, the adjacent square has been completely resurfaced with gorgeous mirror pools. These interesting water installations add a modern twist to a traditional area of the city, showing off the already picturesque church in an entirely new way.

Trinity Square has already played host to some popular City of Culture events, including the first Hull Street Food Nights, which brought 10,000 foodies into the city.


The Fruit Market acts as the cultural core

Towards the waterfront of Hull Marina, you will also find the freshly restored Fruit Market. New pavement has been laid, with original cobbles and tram tracks cleaned and spruced up to keep in with the area’s industrial character.

Humber Street acts as the nucleus of the quirky stretch, with a whole range of brand new restaurants, galleries and artisanal proprietors. A number of popular local festivals and markets are held there, including Humber Street Sesh, which entertained over 30,000 punters in August. Invest in Hull

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Image: Hull City Plan

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