Property Crowdfunding Explained

You’ve surely heard of crowdfunding and may well have supported some projects yourself, from the recording of an album to buying shares in a start-up business in need of capital. But have you heard of property crowdfunding? It seems to be rising in popularity all of the time and we don’t think it will be long before it becomes a common means of investing in houses and apartments.

If you’re finding it difficult to save up enough funds or get finance for property investment, crowdfunding could be the answer. It’s a form of peer-to-peer lending, opening the opportunity up to anybody anywhere thanks to the power of the Internet and social media. Whilst a great way for the individual to get funding for buying a property, the investors get to put their money into something tangible, secure and essential. After all, a house is hardly going to move, disappear or suddenly become an unnecessary luxury or fad.

Rather than paying for the entire buy-to-let mortgage, investors can put down relatively small amounts in return for a stake in the property. It also means that investors can fund as many properties as they wish anywhere they choose, which adds versatility to their portfolio and gives them the means to gauge the popularity and ROI of different areas. Whether this is a case of investing in multiple properties spread across London in order to map out the best place for a larger investment in the future, or adding numerous cities to the mix in order to compare, say, Edinburgh city centre to Chapelallerton in Leeds, it all proves very easy, manageable and useful to the investor.

Meanwhile, the beneficiary of the crowdfunding project gets to buy their property in return for a pre-arranged percentage of the asset going to their investors. In short, it makes possible what may otherwise be impossible.

Both sides need to do their research. The crowdfunder has to make sure that the investors are reputable and have a legal plan in place as a precaution, whereas the investors must be certain that the crowdfunder has conducted proper due diligence on the property and all of its investors. Though there are risks, with in-depth research and forward planning, the whole arrangement should prove mutually beneficial. All in all, property crowdfunding is sure to grow over the coming years.

That said, when it comes to Hull, property investment is highly achievable thanks to relatively low prices, a flourishing city status and thousands of new jobs on the horizon. Take a look at our properties and get in touch on 01482 342155 or email to discover how easy it is to invest in Hull property.

Why Hull is a Hotspot for Property Investment

Forget London and Manchester, Hull is the hottest place for property investment! Due to a variety of factors, from City of Culture status to an excellent university to a flourishing energy industry on our doorstep, Hull has become a prime location for starting or expanding your property portfolio. The city centre is currently undergoing major upgrades in preparation for its year in the spotlight, including public realm improvements, the refurbishing of Hull New Theatre and the Ferens Art Gallery, and a more positive environment for startups and independent businesses. The BBC have also signed into a collaborative project to bring Hull’s activity to people across the UK and beyond, and numerous employment opportunities are appearing due to the Siemens offshore wind farm development and the upcoming Hilton Hotel.

Put simply, now is the time to invest. Even though Hull is benefiting from the above, it still offers one of the lowest priced housing stock in England, which means that you get a higher return on your investment than 90% of other areas in the UK. Hull Investment Properties helps you to capitalise on this by offering properties close to the university, city centre, KC Stadium, good schools, shopping districts and major factories. Each property is maintained to a high standard and many have new roofs and double glazing, plus we ensure that all tenant issues and maintenance requirements are attended to within 24 hours, making your investment go even further. We also guarantee that each property is up and running and already has tenants, allowing you to earn income from day one, with most properties offering well in excess of 10% on your investment. You also don’t need to worry about legal fees, as we’ll cover reasonable costs ourselves.

View our properties and choose one right for you. We’ll do the rest to ensure a simple and straightforward transition.

Get in touch with us today on 01482 342155. We’re Chris and Tony Hodgson, a father and son who are also business partners. We’re ready to help you invest in Hull property today, so give us a call for a friendly chat or email

Hull from above

Why Invest in Hull Property?

Facts and figures

“Investment” is a wonderfully positive word. If you were offered an opportunity to invest in your career, your children’s education or a personal project, chances are you’d leap at the chance. Likewise, if you were to make purchases or take actions considered an investment, they would definitely be seen as a savvy move. However, many people still see investing in property confusing, uncertain or risky, which is why we’re here to simplify, explain and reassure.

Put simply, there’s never been a better time to invest in property, especially Hull properties. There are a few reasons for this:

  • The latest census shows that the UK population has increased by more than ever over the last ten years. There are now more than 63 million people in the UK.
  • Life expectancy in the UK is now over 81 years.
  • There are around 26 million UK households. According to Government estimates, 232,000 new properties need to be built in England in order to meet demand.
  • Despite this, house building rates in the UK are at their lowest since the 1920s.
  • In 2011, around 36% of households were rented. This figure is going up rather than down.


So what does this mean?

The combination of a rapidly growing population that’s living longer, a lack of new houses and a lower percentage of people buying property means that the rental market is very much going to grow even further. This is the UK in general, so add to it the fact that Hull is going through a cultural, social and economic boom and you have yourself one very appealing environment for property investment. Then we also need to take into account around 20,000 university students, direct train links to London, a rapidly expanding energy sector and City of Culture status for 2017, and it really does become a no-brainer. Hull is already a great place to live, work and visit, so long-term homes, company apartments and short-stay properties are required more than ever.


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We’re Chris and Tony Hodgson, a father and son who are also business partners. We’re ready to help you to invest in Hull property today, so get in touch for a friendly chat by calling 01482 342155, or email


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Shop premises in Hull

Investing in Commercial Property

Choosing to invest in property through Hull Investment Properties is a wise move because we always have your best interests in mind. Whilst Hull itself is an excellent place for investment due to City of Culture status for 2017 and huge developments in green energy across the Humber region, you also benefit from us taking the hard work out of making sure the property is looked after. With over 30 years’ experience, we keep the property occupied, collect the rent for you, manage all maintenance and repairs, and provide regular safety checks. Also, with us there are no legal fees and up to 18% return on investment thanks to strategically placed properties that are attractive, safe, secure and highly sought after. Investing in property has never been easier, and with Hull receiving large amounts of positive national press coverage and establishing itself as a hub of digital technologies and entrepreneurship, there’s never been a better time.

Many of our properties are residential, which means that you could make your profit from students, graduates, urban professionals or families. But have you given any thought to investing in commercial property? This is an excellent option, especially when the premises come with a flat above, as this means two income sources. Generally speaking, most commercial properties will bring in a higher income for the investor than residential properties, so it’s definitely worth thinking about when choosing the property investment that’s right for you.

We also must say that owning a property that contains a business is always rather exciting, as you have the opportunity to watch it grow and become part of the local community. The majority of business owners take pride in their premises and the surrounding area, which means that there’s a far greater chance of them staying in top condition for longer. Even in the event of a business closing down or moving to different premises, we always fulfil our duty to keep the property occupied, so you have nothing to worry about.

Whatever kind of property you want to invest in, from shops to flats and houses to apartment blocks, we’re here to help you achieve it. We want to make investing in Hull property as smooth, simple and efficient as possible, which is why we’re dedicated to finding out exactly what you need on a personal level before suggesting anything.

We’re Chris and Tony Hodgson, a father and son who are also business partners. We’re ready to hear your needs and advise on the best course of action, so get in touch for a friendly chat by calling 01482 342155, or email

Hilton Hotel Will Drive Investment in Hull

As a property investment company, it may seem strange of us to talk about the Hilton Hotel that’s due to open in Hull in late 2016. Hotels aren’t the enemy of property investment, but they hardly go hand in hand either. Or at least that’s what most people think.

At Hull Investment Properties, we relish the opening of new hotels, especially a four star edition that belongs to a reputable international chain. The reason behind this is very simple: hotels are only built when demand is high, and demand is high when local tourism, business and retail are flourishing. Any new hotel opening is a good sign, as you don’t just launch a new one willy-nilly, and you certainly don’t build one from scratch if there’s a risk that it won’t receive any visitors (this isn’t Fawlty Towers). This particular development is directly linked to a regional economy on the mend, Hull becoming the UK City of Culture in 2017, and a growing sustainable energy sector in the form of Green Port Hull and other large-scale projects, all of which are driving a steady increase in visits to the city.

When 2017 arrives, the Turner Prize alone will attract significant thousands, and that’s just one event out of over 365 planned over twelve months. Add to the mix the Freedom Festival and Humber Street Sesh, which last year attracted 200,000 visitors to the Humber Street area between them, and you begin to see just how vibrant and bustling Hull can be. And then there are the benefits for the local population that the Hilton itself will bring, such as up to 200 new jobs, national PR coverage, and more customers for small businesses and high street chains alike, all of which will significantly fuel the local economy.

So it’s not the opening of new hotels per se that makes us happy, it’s what it represents: a city in the middle of its own personal renaissance, which is only to going to get bigger, better and more popular as time goes on. If that doesn’t motivate you to invest in Hull property immediately, we don’t know what will.

Our portfolio presents houses and apartments located strategically around Hull, such as within walking distance of the university, city centre, KC Stadium and green areas. All of our premises are of the highest quality and we also provide the following as standard:

  • No legal fees with us
  • Up to 18% return on investment
  • Thoroughly safety checked
  • We manage all aspects of the property
  • We keep the property occupied
  • We collect the rent for you
  • Our properties are up and running and ready to go



We’re Chris and Tony Hodgson, a father and son team that’s worked together for years. Our professional and friendly approach to doing business has helped us to grow our portfolio and deliver customer satisfaction across the city. Get in touch on 01482 342155 or email to invest in Hull property today.


Artist’s impression courtesy of the Hull Daily Mail

Hull Trains Voted Top UK Rail Operator

When you invest in property, it helps to know that it’s in a city that offers the very best to long-term residents and short-stay commuters alike. That’s why we’re delighted with the recent news regarding our local rail operator.

Hull Trains has beaten all previous records – and every other rail operator in the UK – in this year’s National Rail Passenger Survey. The results, published last week, show that Hull Trains consistently has the highest levels of passenger satisfaction at 96% (compared to a national average score for other operators this year of just 80%). The Hull-to-London operator, with stops that include Doncaster, Grantham and Retford, also topped the national league table for punctuality, reliability, passenger comfort, and overall value for money.

The National Rail Passenger Survey is the annual study that provides a network-wide picture of customers’ satisfaction with rail travel. Passenger Focus, the independent consumer watchdog, conducted the survey amongst 31,160 passengers. Even though overall passenger satisfaction with rail companies has generally fallen this year, Hull Trains has maintained its status as the leading train operator in the UK for the second year running, scoring 14% higher than the average for the rest of the rail industry.

With 90 direct services to London, no booking fees or credit card charges, and the chance to save 60% when booking in advance, it’s clear why Hull Trains has been awarded this enviable status. Dedicated to being a dependable, convenient and affordable rail operator for all, £5million was invested in their fleet over the past few years to provide additional seats and improved environments within the carriages. On top of this, every Hull Trains service offers free 4G WiFi to customers for the entire journey, helping to increase travel-based digital connectivity in the UK.

Whilst Hull is 204 miles from London by rail, Hull Trains travel 7,000 miles each week, totalling over 700,000 passenger journeys each year. With usage ranging from business trips and commuting, to family holidays and stag nights, it’s not surprising that this independent operator is so popular. The recent National Rail Passenger Survey speaks volumes for the professionalism, friendliness, performance and affordability of Hull Trains, and we’re very proud to have them connecting our city to the capital.


Invest in Hull property

When it comes to finding you tenants, we make sure to promote Hull as a whole as well as the house or apartment itself. With UK City of Culture status for 2017,beautifully maintained parks, an expanding job market, and major developments in sustainable energy systems, Hull really is an excellent place for property investment. From student house-shares to stylish homes and a range of retail premises, get in touch for a friendly chat by calling 01482 342155 or email and tell us exactly what you need.

Hull’s Multimillion-pound Facelift

Everyone realises that Hull is to be the UK City of Culture for 2017, and chances are that you’ve heard about the city centre’s £25m regeneration scheme in preparation for our year in the spotlight, but do you know exactly what it all means? It’s not simply a case of filling up a few potholes and adding a lick of paint, this kind of money goes a long way. (more…)

What Kind of Investment Property Are You Looking For?

Properties come in all shapes and sizes, from the semi to the terraced, the bachelor pad to the house share, and everything in-between. We realise that you’re just as likely to want something specific as you are to need expert advice and a guiding hand, which is something that H&H Properties offers as standard. (more…)

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