Time to Celebrate, Time to Invest

There has never been a better time to invest in Hull. On the eve of the City of Culture 2017 celebrations, Hull’s music and art scene is thriving with festivals and activity. We’ve picked out the top five summer events in Hull that will convince the world of the city’s rich culture and bright future.


Living in the Princes Avenue Area

The Avenues are fast becoming a cultural hub in the City of Hull. A hotspot for young professionals, the Princes Avenue area in particular is famous for its vast variety of bars and restaurants and has excellent transport links to the centre and the university. Many of the beautiful houses still hold their stunning original nineteenth century features – an added bonus if you are looking for a charismatic home.


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Hull Property Owners are Sitting Pretty

Property investments are often seen as safe, profitable investments and that certainly is the case in cheap, rapidly developing areas like Hull. In fact, these properties may become more than just safe investments if stagnant southern markets overheat; it’s possible that they may acquire value as buyers look to add safe investments to their property portfolio.


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5 Reasons for Investing in Property in 2016


With today’s booming property market comparing very favourably to slumping returns on other types of investments, it probably isn’t difficult to think up five reasons and probably many more for investing in property at the moment. Just in case you do need any extra help or motivation, here are ours suggestions.


Why Invest in Hull Property This Year?

Hull is on the up and it’s taking local property values with it. Here are some of the reasons to invest invest in Hull property before the crowds.


Hull offers some of the best rental yields in the UK

The average Hull property makes its owner an impressive 7.81% of its value per year in rent according to a 2015 study by HSBC (and we guarantee up to 18%). This puts Hull almost at the top of the list as the second most profitable buy-to-rent location in the UK behind only Manchester. What better reason could there be to invest in property than a dynamic market with high rental yields? Well, there’s also…


Good value properties

House prices in Hull average below £70,000, the lowest in HSBC’s top ten and a third the price of Manchester’s £100,000 average. We may not be talking palaces here but, when it comes to a first-time investor, or someone expanding their portfolio slightly, what can be better than a place that will pay off its own value in just a few years. That’s the situation with the average rental property in Hull, which is why investors are already turning their attention to the city in a big way.


It’s a fresh market with plenty of opportunity to invest

The rental markets in cities like London and Manchester are beginning to look impossible to buy into, with up to one third of the housing stock already privately rented. Hull on the other hand has a smaller proportion of rented properties than any other top ten high yield city. In other words, it’s a fresh new market ripe for the picking.


Welcome to the City of Culture 2017

As well as being a fantastic market prospect, the city is really beginning to make a name for itself. The city was billed in 2013 as “a city emerging from the shadows” and since then it really has come into the light to be nominated for UK City of Culture status. A city centre renovation, new culture projects and a lot of positive PR mean investors look set to rake it in during Hull’s cultural revolution.


The UK’s next renewable energy hub

Jobs are at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to where to live, and land values reflect this. Thanks to one of the biggest renewable energy projects in the UK and a groundbreaking new biofuel power plant, Hull can beat the best of them here as well. These demanding engineering projects need a quality labour force, which means new renting and sales potential in all levels of the market.


Property prices are set to boom

Thanks to the two upcoming events above, not to mention the city’s incredible rental market potential, property values in Hull are set to explode over the next few years. Soon, those shrewd enough to get in before the masses will be looking at serious increases in value on top of the amazing rent returns.


We’re Chris and Tony Hodgson, a father and son team that’s worked together for years. Our professional and friendly approach to doing business has helped us to grow our portfolio and deliver customer satisfaction across the city. Get in touch on 01482 342155 or email info@hullinvestmentproperties.co.uk to invest in Hull property today.


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5 Reasons to Invest in Hull Property

You don’t need to live in Hull to see that things are changing for the better. Making numerous appearances on various Top Ten lists since the beginning of 2016, such as Rough Guide’s best places to visit in 2016, Hull is definitely on the up and up. So, we’ve put together a list of five reasons why it is the perfect time to invest in Hull property.


2016 is the Perfect Year to Invest in Property

It’s a new year and an extra special one at that, what with Hull gearing up to become the UK City of Culture in 2017, the local employment market greatly improving, and the city being named a top 10 place to visit by Rough Guides, a highly trusted series of travel guides. So, what’s your New Year’s resolution? It could be to shed a few pounds, socialise with old friends more often or see the world, but we’d bet anything that making a little more money is somewhere on the list.

Property investment in Hull is going through a golden era, with a range of quality houses and flats available at a time when more and more people are looking to live in the area. Whether it’s a house share for students, a flat for an urban professional, a family home or commercial premises, we have exactly what you’re looking for in our highly affordable portfolio. Not convinced? Here are some other reasons to use Hull Investment Properties:

  • We’re a family-run business based in Hull with over 30 years’ experience
  • There are no legal fees
  • Up to 18% return on investment
  • Thorough safety checks are included
  • We manage all aspects of the property
  • We keep the property occupied
  • We collect the rent for you
  • Our properties are up and running and ready to go

From the semi-detached to the second floor apartment, properties come in all shapes and sizes and we endeavour to provide you with exactly what you require. All of our properties are located in key areas of Hull, such as the affluent Avenues, the popular Newland Ward and the leafy thoroughfare that is Boulevard, all of which are within easy access of the city centre by car, public transport and even on foot. We also offer properties close to industrial districts and large factories, making them ideal homes for the local workforce.

Once you’ve found the perfect property, you don’t have to worry about finding tenants, collecting rent, fixing faults, booking gas checks or dealing with enquiries. As members of the Humber Landlords Association and Hull City Council accredited, we’re here to take all of the work out of owning a property by putting decades of experience and expertise into immediate effect.

We’re Chris and Tony Hodgson, a father and son team that’s worked together for years. Our professional and friendly approach to doing business has helped us to grow our portfolio and deliver customer satisfaction across the city. Get in touch on 01482 342155 or email info@hullinvestmentproperties.co.uk to invest in Hull property today.

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